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Female headshaving
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Ceska stranka
Message board

13 february

2 new pages - Gallery 22 and Barberettes 2. Next soon!

31 january

3 new links: Top of Crops, Hairfetish Hairhouse (FREE VIDEOS) and Salon Webcams! More new barberette images soon!!!

29 january

I add gallery 21. Next updates will be soon!!!

21 january

I add gallery 20.

10 january

I add link to Haircut Story Archive.

9 january

I add gallery 19, some photos to Barberettes and link to website about one czech film with bald actress (Andel Exit).


Site with czech bald actress Klara Issova.

6 january

I add small site with photos of beauty barbarettes and one link!

18 december

I add 2 new galleries (17 and 18) and 3 new links!

Link to page with Head Shave GAME...?....surprise :)

Link to page with small headshave video. You need Quick Time Player!

Have U QTP? So here is second link with free videos.

16 december

I add gallery 15 and 16!

12 december

I add galleries 13 and 14 and two links ( and!

8 december

I add gallery 12!

7 december

I add two galleries (10 and 11)!

6 december

I add 2 links: first is to site with FREE VIDEOS and second to page about headshaving in films with images! And I add gallery 9 for enthusiast of female headshaving.

24 november

Today I add 2 new galleries (7 and 8).

14 november

Today I add gallery 6 and link to page with FREE VIDEOS!

7 november

I add new page (gallery 5) and new links.

4 november

I add new photos to gallery 3 and gallery 4!

3 november

I add many pictures to gallery 2, new links, chat page and change design.

1 november

I add vote caster and new page Ceske stranky (it is page for my friends from Czech Republic). PLEASE VOTE IN CASTER ON HOME PAGE!

31 october

I add this site - NEWS and upgrade my counter.